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Jordon Williams


Mens Ministry My Way

Jordon Williams was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Massachusetts. In high school, Jordon and his family moved to Marietta, Georgia where he has been living ever since.  It became very clear to Jordon that his passion in life was to serve others through ministry. He began cutting hair during his time in school as there were no barbers in the area at the time. After a while, Jordon realized that he could minister to others using the gift that God has given him. He later graduated from Chattahoochee Tech with a Master Barber license and certification. He now professionally barbers at Vintage Jacks Mens Grooming Salon in Canton, Georgia. He is one of the most in demand barbers in the company.

Fun Facts: 

  • In addition to being a professional grooming artist, Jordon is a painting artist as well. 

  • He's a proud vegetarian

  • He often receives interesting tips after his haircuts, the highest tip he's ever received was $100.

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